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Beatrice Nyamwenge Kimezere

I joined USAID in 2001 and was inspired to join the then FSN Association which was started to encourage savings, loans, and personal financial growth, especially in terms of building one’s asset base.

I accumulated savings, took my first loan, and bought land on which I later constructed my house. In my 11 years of service at the US Mission, I improved my businesses by creating more streams of income and I have never regretted my joining the then-FSN Association.

I was the first FSN to get an opportunity to serve the FSN Association as the Business Development Manager which saw the transition of the Association to FSN SACCO and later FSN Cooperative Society.  The visionary leadership of the Executive then was to start on the merger, bring back the former staff on board, acquire space to accommodate the merger, get an address, collaborate with other stakeholders in the Microfinance sphere, acquire land for members, diversify investments in general and I am glad to have been part of the initial phases of what today SteadFin is.

I am proud to have grown financially and have reasonable shares, I continuously benefit from the loans, participated in the forestry investment, acquired several plots of land, built houses, and engaged in farming including poultry and piggery in addition to other businesses. I have also benefited from the different literacy sessions that I continuously apply in my life.

I have a very outstanding relationship with the Management team of the SACCO and feel very homely whenever I walk in or give a call to ask about my accounts with the SACCO