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BALMA Agro Business Investment Group

The three (3) members of this investment group (Daniel, George, and Humphrey) are active members of SteadFin SACCO, with over 35 acres of agricultural land utilized as follows; 25 for crop and 10 for animal husbandry. The land is located in Kayunga and Kiboga districts. Before the acquisition of the Agricultural loan in April 2021 the group only boasted 91 goats (mostly local breed), 10 cows (Fresians and Asha breed), 360 chickens, and 29 pigs spread across the three (3) farm units. The group had 11 acres of coffee and 10 acres of Matooke.

From individual SACCO loans acquired over time, these members had registered progressive expansion in the size of the farms and capital investments that had led to increased returns on investment. However, in a bid to achieve maximum potential and profitability of these investments, the members requested additional funds of 100 million UGX to procure farm machinery, improve water sources and storage, procure more animals, and improve animal housing facilities.

With the group SACCO loan, we procured additional cows, goat, and piggery stock of improved breeds that grow faster and resistant to diseases, expanded the animal housing, fenced the animal sheds, procured silage cutter machines at all the farm units, and constructed silage storage sheds. Constructed water harvest systems for rainwater and procured water pump for irrigation during the dry season. 

We encourage other SACCO members with similar investment ideas to form groups. There are enormous benefits to the group from the SACCO including business advisory services and low-interest loans. Other opportunities realized in forming such a group include leverage of resources across farms, sharing experiences, and mutual support in sourcing for product market, etc.

Much appreciation for the SACCO management and leadership for their continued encouragement and support. We thank you.