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We held our first SteadFin Youth Engagement Session on Jan 21st, 2023 at Silver Springs, and we are glad to report that it was a huge success!  The session was designed to educate our young adults about the importance of financial literacy and help them build the skills they need to achieve their financial and life goals.

The turnup was fantastic, with a diverse group of brilliant young adults eager to learn and engage with our team. The session covered topics such as Personal Branding, understanding career trends in a global world and Financial Independence, and our team was on hand to answer questions and offer advice. The feedback we received from the participants and the parents was overwhelmingly positive. They appreciated the opportunity to learn in a fun and interactive way, and many expressed interest in continuing their financial education.

At SteadFin, we are committed to empowering the next generation, and events like this are just one way we’re doing that.  We thank everyone who participated and trusted us with their young adults and we look forward to continuing to support young people in their financial journey.