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Juliet Kakwerre

CEO & Co-Founder of Cheveux Organique International Limited and Nyuzi International Limited

Before SteadFin Intervened, I just had Ideas and I did not have the plan to execute them. All I was worried about was how I would make things happen. Through the financial literacy sessions that SteadFin offered, I was challenged to take a step. The session with Mr. Ocici of Enterprise Uganda did not leave my life the same. At that point, I had started working on my dreams but it gave me a lot more to think about and consider as I set out on the entrepreneurship journey. I was equipped with practical knowledge and tools that propelled me to think and do better. I also joined a network of like-minded business people under SteadFin who have been a good source of motivation that oils my business engine regularly.

In 2019, the actual journey started to identify the kind of resources I needed to implement my dreams and SteadFin was the partner I needed to make this happen. We looked through the available products to identify which would work best in my circumstances and we started the process to acquire the credit. The financial advisors were extremely helpful and resourceful. The rest is now history. My enterprises are growing steadily and am now looking at ways to expand.

My plans for scaling up my ventures include; increasing production and ensuring that my products are easily accessible globally. Another plan is to work with networks of various business people who will continuously mentor me to accelerate the growth on my businesses. Furthermore, I plan to work more closely with banana farmers to ensure a constant supply of fiber for consistent hair extension production. I also plan to diversify my range of products to allow for a constant cash flow.

I would encourage members to dream but to also act on their dreams.  Do something about it, you can start in very small ways as you grow but you have to move. The best time to act is immediately the idea pops up in your head. Identify mentors to walk the journey with you. Find networks of people who will help you grow. Credit is a good way to finance your dreams but be very mindful not to end up too indebted. Work with financial advisors to help you through this journey.  

I would like to appreciate SteadFin for being a reliable partner on this entrepreneurship journey. It has been worthwhile.