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Individual Investments

The SACCO provides investment avenues for members to venture into at an individual level. These are opportunities that guarantee returns whilst providing much-needed safety. Such investments may include real estate (land banking) or any other investments found valuable.

Investment Clubs

These are available to willing members who agree to pool funds for a specific investment for their benefit. The SACCO offers a wide range of services to groups including advisory, custodial, and marketing opportunities and this has created an enabling atmosphere for such investments to flourish. Group investments may include:

Institutional Investments

The SACCO embraces a socially responsible investment strategy that is focused on growth and value investing. At steadFin, we continuously strive to ensure that Cash is always deployed productively by investing in short, medium, and long-term ventures that guarantee safety, liquidity and return whilst embracing portfolio diversification, a key pillar of our investing philosophy.

SteadFin Investment Initiatives

Sonde Hill View Estate II

Nakasajja Estate

SteadFin Tower

Sonde Hill View Estate I

Namayiba Estate

Manyangwa Namayina Estate