Term loans

This is our flagship loan facility granted on reducing balance and is fully insured.
Collateral and income earned from sources other than salary is acceptable for purposes of assessing the applicant's capacity.


  • Maximum loan amount is 500M/= depending on borrower’s income and capacity to pay
  • Competitive interest of 14% on reducing balance.
  • Maximum loan period is seven years ( 182 Pay Periods) 
  • A member should have 35% of the loan amount on a loan guarantee savings account.
  • One-off Insurance Fee of 1%  
  • Repayable in regular bi-weekly loan installments
  • Members can access top-ups anytime at 1% administrative charge on amount topped up.
  • Eligibility is limited to membership


  • Allows members to access large developmental loans and can be used for any personal obligation.
  • DCP is not a major qualification determinant for the loan as collateral is also acceptable
  • Reducing balance interest regime that is truly affordable.
  • Flexible repayment terms whose amounts are based on the borrower’s earning slip. 
  • The Loan amount is insured in case of death and permanent disability to the borrower.


  • 35% of the loan amount in savings.
  • Completed Loan application form
  • Change of allotment (if required)
  • Proof of source of income (earning slip to prove grade).
  • Evidence of acceptable collateral Property (Land & Buildings) , DCP, Shares and/or guarantors