Full membership

Membership to SteadFin is open to all staff, their children, spouses and affiliates as well as retirees of the U.S. Mission agencies in Uganda who subscribe to the Vision, Mission and objectives of the SACCO.


  • All staff and retirees of the Mission agencies in Uganda.


  • Members are able to accumulate savings for personal development at attractive interest rates
  • Instant access to loans at competitive interest rates.
  • Statements available quarterly or on member request 
  • Eligibility to own and purchase shares in the SACCO.
  • Access to high quality yet fairly low cost Funeral cover, health cover and education insurance services.
  • Access to training opportunities 
  • Networking with other professionals and creating sustainable connections


  • Fully completed member application form
  • Proper identification i.e. valid ID, Passport or driving license
  • Deposit slip and completed allotment form 
  • 3 color passport size photos
  • Initial opening deposit UGX. 100,000/=