Board Visits to Other SACCOs

On behalf of SteadFin management and Board of Directors, a team has embarked on visits to other SACCOs.  Following meetings in Kampala, the team, represented by the Chief Executive Officer - Mr. Benjamin Mukasa, Board Chairman- Mr. Xavier Ejoyi and Treasurer- Mr. Dennis Natumanya, proceeded on a journey to Nairobi Kenya from April 16th to April 18th

The visits are fundamentally consultative visits aimed at discussing key areas including; Corporate governance, membership growth strategies, membership empowerment and Portfolio management.

Some of the identified SACCOs in Uganda are Y-save Uganda, and in Kenya; Mwalimu National Cooperative, Nabo Capital Limited, Stima SACCO and Makonge (safaricom).

With these meetings, the team hopes to explore partnership opportunities as well as learn from other successful SACCOs as a means of growing SteadFin SACCOs brand and portfolio.

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